Flat Roofing is designed to provide a cost effective, long-term solution, where space is limited for a traditional pitched roof.

We provide many types of flat roofing and can repair and replace all types including; Rubber - Felt - Applied Liquid

Not only is flat roofing cost effective, furthermore the technology has advanced in this area and some of the materials are now being used eliminate problems normally associated with traditional flat roof coverings, such as wear and insulation.

Flat Roof Insulation

Where a cold flat roof does incorporate insulation this is in the form of mineral wool stuffed in between the timber rafters/joists, with a minimum 50mm (2 inch) air gap left clear in between the insulation and the roof deck. This gap is necessary to allow air-flow, so that warm, moist air, is allowed to escape rather than coming in to contact with the 'cold deck' and condensing. Condensation can lead to; rotting decking and/or timbers, damp ceilings and damp insulation which is rendered ineffective. Good external ventilation is also essential to minimize the risk of condensation in a cold roof. This should ideally be in the form of 'soffit vents' to the underside of the fascia boards.

Now new technology allows for Warm Deck Flat Roof Insulation.
By moving the insulation to the outside of the structure, the roof deck is effectively brought inside.
This results in a 'warm deck', and removes the the possibility of condensation forming on the underside of the deck and eliminates damp. Because this design works by conserving heat, no ventilation is required. Modern foam insulation with reflective foil to both sides provides more than double thermal efficiency compared to mineral wool. Thickness is not limited by the depth of the timber rafters/joists. A vapour barrier or vapour control layer is an essential component of any warm roof.