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About Architectural Lead and Metalwork Limited

Our services

We are an established roofing company and unlike other roofing contractors, Architectural Lead and Metalwork deliver personal or commercial services independently, without the need to subcontract.

We design, manufacture and install all products with our own in-house team, this ensures a strong commitment to our trade. facilitates best practice enabling us to deliver the highest quality of service.

We also manufacture rainwater goods and ornamental castings, specialising in restoration of listed buildings, repairing and replacing metal and traditional roofing, and new build.

Metal Roofing: Lead (milled BS 1178 and traditional cast) - Copper - Zinc - Stainless Steel - Slate - Aluminium

Slate and Tiling

Green and Brown roofs

Flat Roofing: Felt - Mastic - Liquid Asphalt


Case Studies

Restoration of The Royal Academy of Art, Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, speak for our quality and our service speaks for itself.

View a case study showing the replacement of an Ornamental Lead Ocular window.

View a case study showing the replacement lead plaque to honour John Cornwell.

Read more about listed buildings and our roofing services.